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About Us

  • In 1997 we started the company BHAVNA GUM UDHYOG. Initially we manufactured all types of gums. BHAVNA GUM UDHYOG entered into printing gum manufacturing market. The Company received huge response from the market. The keenness and dedication of  BHAVNA GUM UDHYOG in printing gums was smelt by all the large manufacturers in India.
  • Within a spam of 2 years, BHAVNA GUM UDHYOG established a new image in the Gum Field. BHAVNA GUM UDHYOG became the name on the longue of every manufacturer. We started working more efficiently and in an organized way. Customer’s satisfaction from all the parts of the country pushed us to increase the manufacturing quota. BHAVNA GUM UDHYOG carved a niche as India’s Largest Gum Udhyog.
  • With the time company started producing almost all the Textile Based guar gum derivatives, tamarind gum and natural print gums.
  • The basic goal of BHAVNA GUM UDHYOG is to ensure that the products, services, or processes provided meet specific requirements and are dependable, satisfactory and fiscally sound. Essentially, quality control involves the examination of a product, service or process for certain minimum levels of quality. The goal of our quality control team is to identify products or services that do not meet a company’s specified standards of quality.