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Algi Gum

algi gum for textile printing

PH (1% SOLU.) 7.90
VISCOSITY 5430 cps in 2.5% solution at 25 degree viscosity after 24 hours 5650 cps at maintain 25 degree viscosity measurement brookfield viscosity meter rvd-ve sprindle no. 4 at 20 rpm.
STABILITY a week in normal condition

ALGI GUM is a special printing thickener having stable viscosity, High color yield, easily washable, better penetration in prints and chocking free screen.

Cassia Gum

Base Combination of Polysaccharide
Appearance red Brown
Solubility Cold Water Soluble
Ionic Properties Anionic
pH 9 - 10
Moisture 10 % Max
Viscosity in 3 % Solution 12000 to 14000 CPS (Spindle No.6,20 RPM at 25 C)
Preservation Eco Friendly preservative add
Packing 25 Kg. Paper Bag with Liner
Use Printing of Cotton and its blends with Reactive , rapid,etc. and some cotton quality fabric.