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Super White Gum

super white 77

super white 77 is a textile printing thickener derived from GUAR GUM. The product is a cold water soluble textile printing thickener used for specially developed for reactive & remazol printing.

Chemical constitution Modified Galactomannan
Physical appearance Cremish free flow powder
Ionic nature Non-Ionic
pH value 4.00 – 6.00
Viscosity* 1.5% conc 3,000 – 5,000 cps (*Viscosity measured by using Brookfield RV DV-E viscometer spindle no.6 @ 20 rpm at 25 0 C)


Cold water soluble and it is hydrated slow of the powder. Paste will be prepare within 6 hours.

Suitable for Dyestuff

reactive & remazol Printing.

Suitable Fabric to Print

It gives best results when used in above mention dyes on cotton fabrics grounds. SUPER WHITE-77 gives best results in Printing with law cost.

Suitable Printing Machine

Rotary and Flatbed screen printing machine, Rotary screen Printing and Hand screen printing tables.


SUPER WHITE-77 in powder form is stable for reasonably long period if stored in cool and dry place. Storage beyond six month may gradually reduce viscosity of the product.


SUPER WHITE 77 is a special printing thickener having stable viscosity, High colour yield, easily washable, better penetration in prints and chocking free screen.

Method of preparation

The stock paste of SUPER WHITE-77 is prepared easily by dissolving 3.5% powder in cold water uniformly by stirring about 30 minutes. Leave the stock thickening over night for proper selling of gum particles prior to use. Stir the stock paste well before use. All the required auxiliaries to be added after complete swelling time. SUPER WHITE-77 gives hardness to cloth look like finishing of clothes & give best colour value in any type of above mention dyes.